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The woman who accused Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott of abusing her for five days in July also called police on him months before the NFL Draft, alleging she suffered left shoulder pain from the force of Elliott pushing her up against a wall during an argument that turned physical. Terry Chavez, spokesperson for the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office, told USA TODAY Sports the case was not forwarded to prosecutors for review.

An incident report obtained Friday by USA TODAY Sports from the Aventura (Fla.) Police Department said there were no visible signs of injury and that the accuser declined to go to the hospital after police responded to a call about an altercation at Elliott’s apartment Feb. Chavez said there's no record the accuser pursued charges on her own.

USA TODAY does not identify alleged victims of domestic violence.

Tobias said he’d had minimal contact via email with the NFL’s director of investigations, Kia Roberts, who “just wanted to make sure she had all the information available,” but the two had not spoken.

I’ve formatted this blog post as a FAQ for clarity’s sake. I’m an open book about my identity and transition, and I’ll answer some common questions here. Nonbinary means I don’t fit into either of the two traditional binary genders: man or woman.Saying something happened versus having sufficient evidence to criminally charge someone are two completely different things.Charging decisions are taken very seriously and we use best efforts to conduct thorough and detailed investigations.”Asked if he believes Elliott committed some of the violence in those interactions, Tobias declined to expand, deferring to previous emails in which he pointed out the “sole focus” of the investigation by the city attorney’s office was to determine if there was sufficient corroborating evidence to support the woman’s allegations.USA TODAY Sports reported last week that Elliott has met with NFL investigators as part of an ongoing probe by the league, which faces a much lower burden of proof than prosecutors – and has the authority to place Elliott on paid leave pending a decision on potential discipline if Commissioner Roger Goodell believes Elliott may have violated the personal conduct policy.In response to questions last week from USA TODAY Sports about the case and comparisons to the NFL’s investigation, Tobias wrote in an email: “Over the course of a calendar year, there are thousands of complaints filed through our office where I truly believe the person filing the complaint is a victim of crime.

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Trans masculine means I’m trans (I don’t ID with the gender assigned to me at birth) and I identify most strongly with masculinity.

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