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The menu reads like a Dadaist mashup of what people in the ’50s thought was fancy: oysters, caviar, lobster, carved meats, Baked Alaska, Champagne, more caviar, more Champagne.

To keep the love alive this winter season (without carrying around the mistletoe), we rounded up the best fitness date ideas to work the heart in more ways than one! The balancing act isn’t just key to avoiding a face plant in the snow, it could also help work those abs. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 2011 Jul;15(3):355-62. It takes two to toboggan, so grab the sled and embrace your inner child! Skip the treadmills and pick a fun fitness class to try together. Rock climbing is a unique indoor idea perfect for any romantic duo.) throwing snowballs will work those arms and guarantee a ton of laughs.9. For a little competitive fun, grab that infrared-emitting targeting device (we swear it’s more romantic than it sounds) and run, duck, and squat for cover. Those arms will get a workout (plus, extra points for coming up with a sexy bowling name).12. Forget the long walk on the beach and take a stroll down some peaceful snowy paths instead. For a fat-burning aerobic workout, try indoor tennis or squash Health benefits of tennis. Spot each other on the bench press (but hit the showers together at home). Trekking though the snow will get that heart rate going faster than the typical dry land jaunt.13. Maybe check out that funky museum you've walked by a million times but never ventured into.As long as it's indoors, it's fair game on a chilly winter day.4.

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