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The Mac Kay, who had met Rice the first time that spring, set tongues wagging when he told a joint news conference in Stellarton, N.S., that Rice slept with her window open, something she had told him previously.“I have to admit it was kind of funny, if misdirected,” Rice writes her autobiography . ‘A girl can’t be seen with you without some scandal,’ I joked. He is a good friend.”Rice tried to make light of Mac Kay’s remarks but it was too late."I think it's very important that all of us feel comfortable asking hard questions of each other, probing.That builds confidence in the process, dealing with difficult issues. Some of situations I've (experienced) will help me to do that.Miss Rice added: 'Everyone in that room thinks that perhaps it's been shot down.'I got on the phone with somebody at the National Military Command centre...

When United 93 came down Ms Rice and other officials believed it may have been shot out of the sky.

Shooting the film took us on a rollercoaster tour across America.

We began in Rice’s birthplace of Birmingham, Alabama, where her childhood friends showed us the segregated hospital where she was born and the home in which she first learned to play the piano.

RELATED: Meet the 13 members of College Football Playoff selection committee The 58-year-old served as the United States' National Security Advisor from 2001-05 and Secretary of State from 2005-09.

She's currently a political science professor at Stanford, where she's worked since 1981.

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