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The Territorial Legislature adopted 'Alaska's Flag' as Alaska's official song in 1955.Marie Drake, author of the words to 'Alaska's Flag,' the state song, was born February 11 1888.But I decided to wait until the after the competition was over, 'cause I didn't want to intervene in any way.NOW, it is time and I hope people will see the big love and admiration I have for this song. I hope you like my version..🙈A post shared by Alexander Rybak (@rybakofficial) on "I have a new, very special video for you. "I know it's a bit unorthodox, doing a cover version with new lyrics, on the winning song one day after it won."Thing is, I fell in love with this song months ago, and the video has been ready for a long time.At a time when heritage artists have been distinguishing their tours with reverent presentations of their classic albums, playing them in strict order, one side and then the other, Elvis Costello has found a more flexible vehicle in a tour to celebrate his 1982 Imperial Bedroom.Throughout his 40-year career, he has turned his consistently sophisticated and adventurous compositions into great-sounding records.

Poets who helped change the world for the better include the great anti-war poet Wilfred Owen ("Dulce et Decorum Est"), the great African-American poet Langston Hughes ("Harlem" aka "A Dream Deferred"), the first great anti-establishment English poet, William Blake, and the first great anti-establishment American poet, Walt Whitman.The Hyper Texts Songs and Poems that Changed the World The Most Influential Poems of All Time The Most Influential Songs of All Time Are there songs and poems that helped changed the world for the better? Singers and songwriters who helped change the world for the better include Pete Seeger ("We Shall Overcome," "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" and "If I Had a Hammer"), Woody Guthrie ("This Land Is Your Land"), Billie Holiday ("Strange Fruit"), Paul Robeson ("The Ballad of Joe Hill"), Sam Cooke ("A Change Is Gonna Come"), James Brown ("Say It Loud: I'm Black and I'm Proud"), Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin ("Respect"), John Lennon ("Imagine," "Give Peace a Chance," "Revolution" and "Happy Xmas/War is Over"), George Harrison ("Give Me Love, Give Me Peace on Earth"), Marvin Gaye ("Mercy Mercy Me" and "What's Goin' On?"), Janis Ian ("Society's Child" and "At Seventeen"), Melanie Safka ("Lay Down"), Jimi Hendrix ("Machine Gun"), Crosby Stills and Nash ("Ohio"), Bruce Springsteen ("Born in the USA"), Bob Marley of the Wailers ("Get Up Stand Up"), Michael Jackson ("Man in the Mirror"), Edwin Starr ("War"), Cat Stevens ("Peace Train"), Helen Reddy ("I Am Woman"), Billy Joel ("Saigon" and "Allentown"), Lady Gaga ("Born this Way"), U2 ("Sunday Bloody Sunday"), Chuck D of Public Enemy ("Fight the Power"), Bob Geldof and Midge Ure ("Do They Know It's Christmas"), and Adam Lambert ("Mad World"). Master/interpreter of pop, punk, country, classical, jazz, opera, R&B, and other genres we’re probably forgetting. One of the 100 greatest artists of all time (according to Rolling Stone).Something about revisiting these songs on stage in 2016 must have goosed Costello’s creative juices, however, as he kept the tour going well into this year, bringing it to Thompson’s Point on a misty evening Monday.

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