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The immediate giveaway that you have a scam is that when your ‘date’ replies to you, they cannot answer a simple question, like what color is your dress? When I find these I like to have a little fun, since I know it is a bot, and this serves as a means to confirm the suspicion.

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Same site layout, same attempt to get your money on a difficult to undo credit card charge. It starts with an email response to a post/ad/profile.

This one is a Craigslist scam, but the “Get Verified” scam can be found anywhere; Tinder and Badoo are popular for this scam too.

I include a little question about them or something, built in to the conversation, and that way if they answer I know I have a real person.

Usually, they do not answer the question, and provide me an email to contact them directly.

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Secure Access and Verifying User Authenticity To begin a session with the bank's server the user must key in a Log-in ID and a password.

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