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For thousands of years, deaf people were silent members of society, sometimes denied basic rights simply because they could not hear. More than ever, we are seeing deaf individuals on TV, in the news, and other mainstream sources.There is also a Mild hearing loss, major impact video that accompanies this booklet.Our online Assessments resource provides information to professionals on assessing and monitoring the progress of deaf young people in communication, language, listening, literacy, numeracy, cognitive development and social / emotional development.Remember, simple things can make a huge difference.You can put up around your school or in youth clubs to spread the word, please check with a teachers before you do.

More than three in four (77 percent) teenagers who have not met a deaf person before told us that they have no idea how to communicate with them. Our Young People’s Advisory Board have created an exciting new campaign, called Look, Smile, Chat to reach hearing teenagers and help break down the communication barriers that can make socialising and school life tough for some deaf young people. Not all hearing disabilities are equal, and a person’s hearing level dictates how they manage life both inside and outside the classroom. This guide focuses on those resources, tech tools and expert tips that students of all ages can use achieve academic success.Until the mid-1500s, the deaf population remained uneducated, disconnected, and largely ignored.Over time, official sign languages began emerging and people slowly started to understand communication as a human right.

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