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This cheat sheet to successful cross-cultural romance is based on their experiences.

One girl says, “You can chat with a Thai man all evening, swap phone numbers and still not be sure if you’re just friends.

During Ramona's upcoming appearance, the RHONY star showed off her signature cagey attitude, attempting to be coy as to whether or not she kissed one of her three suitors on a date.

Because Cohen knows Ramona so well, he was able to pick up on what went down and hilariously called out the reality star for trying to cover up the kiss.

Continue reading → Early games used interactive electronic devices with various display formats.

We wondered how this whole dating thing works here.

While sitting on the floor, in front of the Buddha image, I noticed the Boy, the Thai God and the PE Teacher all staring at me.

If you’re single and looking to mingle, come to my show and costume party at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater on Saturday night! Get tickets today by clicking HERE Send your sex and dating questions to: Doctor [email protected] Sleep First things first: What kind of costume should I wear? One year, I went dressed as a slutty Andy Warhol, and everyone I met wanted to fill my soup can. Adults want three things on Halloween: attention, alcohol and orgasms.

How can you tell if someone wearing a mask is cute or not? And masks should stay on during the act, so don’t waste your time on people with masks that cover their mouths unless you’re a masochist. Feel free to take those treats from whomever you want to trick.

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