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If you want to go a step further, you could have the cars tested.

Some non-profit safety groups offer x-ray flourescence testing for parents who want the same answers that you do.

You may be wondering: "Why a Matchbox guide on a Hot Wheels website?

" Simple...a lot of Hot Wheels collectors are into other diecast brands, with Matchbox included.

And of course our Matchbox 1-75 Regular Wheels & Superfast Guide And much much more, See below for details.

What you suspect might have lead is probably best to stay away from.Or, if you have the money and the inclination, you could also pay a private lab to test a sampling of the cars.The testing will likely far exceed the value of each car, however.The Die cast Toy Exchange is sponsoring this Matchbox Toy show here at the AACA Museum on Sunday, September 24th from 9AM – 4 PM.Admission to the Museum on this day will be just .00 per person for ages 4 and older, with children 3 and under FREE.

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Their first die-cast toy was a road roller manufactured in 1947.

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