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Download Glossary (RTF) (Nota Bene: These definitions reflect current usage in the New Zealand drama education context.Many of the terms are used differently in other drama contexts.) accent: a way of speaking particular to a country, society or culture.Debit - an account entry with a positive value for assets, and negative value for liabilities and equity.Departmental Accounting - separating operating divisions into their own sub entities on the income statement, showing individual income, expenses, and net profit by entity Depreciation - recognizing the decrease in the value of an asset due to age and use Dividends - amounts paid to shareholders out of current or retained earnings Double-Entry Bookkeeping - system of accounting in which every transaction has a corresponding positive and negative entry (debits and credits) Equity - money owed to the owner or owners of a company, also known as "owner's equity" Financial Accounting - accounting focused on reporting an entity's activities to an external party; ie: shareholders Financial Statement - a record containing the balance sheet and the income statement Fixed Asset - long-term tangible property; building, land, computers, etc.Asexual – (adj) having a lack of (or low level of) sexual attraction to others and/or a lack of interest or desire for sex or sexual partners.

Credit - an account entry with a negative value for assets, and positive value for liabilities and equity.

Accounting - process of identifying, measuring, and reporting financial information of an entity Accounting Equation - assets = liabilities equity Accounts Payable - money owed to creditors, vendors, etc.

Accounts Receivable - money owed to a business, i.e.

The level of assistance varies among residences and may include help with bathing, dressing, meals and housekeeping.

Community Meal Program Balanced, nutritious meals served at community locations for those ages 60 and over and their younger-age spouses.

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