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Hooker's music was traditional and personal, free verse chants that carried echoes of the worksong and spoke of the primal emotions of sorrow and joy.He paid little attention to rhyme or melody, keeping time with his right foot and governing his songs with hypnotically rhythmic chords. Above the groove brooded his voice - dark and old and purposeful.His father was a sharecropper and Baptist minister who discouraged singing of "the devil's music" (as the blues was known) in the house.Hooker's first instrument was an inner tube nailed to a barn door.SAN DIEGO—Insisting you’ll never be truly happy until you found the superior partner you’re more than entitled to, a little voice in the back of your mind reported Tuesday that you deserve much better than the person you’re dating.CHARLOTTE, NC—Saying it has already become a fixture in his daily routine, local 27-year-old Greg Weise installed a home pull-up bar to absentmindedly tap while passing through the hallway, sources confirmed Tuesday.Perched in the chair in which he invariably played, Hooker resembled nothing so much as some dapper Delta alligator.John Lee Hooker was born on a farm near Clarksdale, Mississippi, on 22 August 1917.

There was this awful voice,' Mrs Fraser said.'He might have gone off with someone here or there at some time but he wouldn't go to a bar to meet someone on the off chance -- they were setting him up. Two people picked up in the stings pleaded guilty Monday. Jun Garcia, 48, pleaded guilty before Circuit Judge Cynthia Lane to accosting and soliciting; a charge of computer internet communicating to commit a crime; using a computer to commit a crime; and two charges of attempting to assault, resist and obstruct a police officer. “I just need to know so I don’t have any surprises,” the officer said. After the two discussed the type of sex, the undercover officer then asked, “You want me to dress up? ” Anthony responded, “Oh, yeah,” according to the documents. Moments later, the officer gave a signal for the arrest team to move in.

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Malcolm Fraser wandered into the foyer of a Memphis hotel frequented by prostitutes and drug dealers in October 1986 wearing nothing but a towel - the tale has become one of the most intriguing political scandals Mr Fraser decided to go for a drink at the Peabody Hotel after his duties 'hoping to find some of the famous live blues venues', according to his memoir, Malcolm Fraser: The Political Memoirs, published in 2010.

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