Koreans dating white girls

In fact, I’ve taken the time to write down what I’ve found to be the biggest mistakes that foreign men make, during years of living in Korea and professionally helping men date Asian women.

#5 Thinking that Korean women are easy Before I came to Korea, I was very excited because I imagined that Korea was a lot like South East Asia: Just show up and women will be lining up to go on dates with you! Korea, I soon found out once I arrived here, is on the opposite side of the dating spectrum. Life’s tough for us (I’m darker skinned as well) but if you really want to find and date the ideal Korean woman for you, it’s definitely possible and we’ll make it happen!

The flash of the eyes, the twist of a hand…it all seems to play together in one harmonious package.

I believe they once got upset because he "cursed" (I believe he said a sentence used by kids to curse).

Apparently Korean fans don't like his attitude and actions.

Girls' Generation Taeyeon topped the list with 11.8% of votes; more male voters liked the singer than female voters, but she still ranked number one in both genders. Her face is very average compared to the other female idols.

IU, who was number one last year, is second place this year with 6.6% of votes. IU was preferred more by male teens (11.4%) and Tzuyu was liked more by men in their 20s (8.6%). She has a hot body but almost all idols have nice bodies.

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