Error updating e2fsprogs 1 40 8 gentoo

Gentoo installation is a little bit harder than that.

But not too much, just that you need to configure the kernel yourself using some Gentoo-specific tools.

Only bottom of the barrel games that you wouldn't want to play are available.

It's slow, unresponsive, and yet somehow manages to be hypersensitive.

In a previous post I explained how it is possible to browse SMB shares when using broadcast Net BIOS name resolution in a home network consisting of machines running Linux, Windows and other operating systems.

Browsing SMB/Samba shares will work as expected, but Samba commands such as ‘‘ will not work properly if the Linux machines use a firewall that has not been configured for broadcast Net BIOS name resolution. If broadcast Net BIOS name resolution is being used and none of the Linux machines has a firewall enabled, or if their firewalls have been correctly configured, the output of e.g.

I got a Mac Book Pro recently, the mid 2015 15" version. I tried to use the system clang (Apple 8.0.0) and clang-3.8. Believe me, we're gonna have a lot of details here.

Actually I doubt if anyone can still date with other package system after you have seen the true beauty of Gentoo Portage. But unfortunately, at this point, due to the new release of Mac OS Sierra and LLVM, bintutils-apple failed to compile with clang-3.9. It looks like glib used some new features supported in clang-3.9. Its product number is MJLT2LL/A if you want details.

So that leaves keyboard navigation as the only effective means of applying graphic resolution settings to each title..the keyboard is mysteriously not recognized half the time either.

[ebuild U ] app-arch/libarchive-3.2.1-r3:0/13::gentoo [3.1.2-r5:0/13::gentoo] USE="acl (bzip2) iconv (lzma) xattr (zlib) (-e2fsprogs) -expat -libressl -lz4% -lzo -nettle -static-libs" ABI_X86="(64) -32 (-x32)" 0 Ki B I got the annoying "C compiler cannot create executables" message.

The only way, I think, to continue is to restore the whole system.

the ‘[email protected]:~$ smbtree Enter anne's password: HOME \AKHANATEN Samba 4.3.11-Ubuntu \AKHANATEN\IPC$ IPC Service (Samba 4.3.11-Ubuntu) \AKHANATEN\guest guest account \AKHANATEN\matthew matthew share \AKHANATEN\marilla marilla share \AKHANATEN\anne anne share \TUTANKHAMUN Samba 4.5.10 \TUTANKHAMUN\Samsung_Xpress_C460FW Samsung Xpress C460FW \TUTANKHAMUN\Canon_MP560_Printer Canon PIXMA MP560 \TUTANKHAMUN\Canon_MP510_Printer Canon PIXMA MP510 \TUTANKHAMUN\Virtual_PDF_Printer Virtual PDF Printer \TUTANKHAMUN\IPC$ IPC Service (Samba 4.2.11) \TUTANKHAMUN\Public \TUTANKHAMUN\anne-share \TUTANKHAMUN\print$ \TUTANKHAMUN\netlogon Network Logon Service \BTHUB5 BT Home Hub 5.0A File Server \BTHUB5\IPC$ IPC Service (BT Home Hub 5.0A File Server) \THUTMOSEIII Windows 10 computer If Linux firewalls have not been correctly configured, the output would be missing some information about other machines in the network.

For example, compare the output above with the output below from the same network, this time with the Linux firewalls configured using typical rules for Samba specified in Web articles, blog posts and forums.

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But if your only Linux installation exprience comes from Ubuntu, Fedora, or Cent OS with a nice graphics installation interface, then you're gonna have troubles. But my advice is to find yourself two or three days and follow Sakaki's Guide. Thanks to Artem and, parts of this guide are adapted from their installation guide. My first Gentoo installation is following his guide.

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