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When it comes to love and relationships, it can help to understand the way that the universe affects compatibility.Some people are calm and collected water signs while others are bright burning fire signs.Aries man will try to be the way he was liked by his beloved woman in their first date, but this will be a short time - the zodiac sign Aries cannot for a long time put himself in any frame. I tired of fighting and i saw him with his Gemini... I mean the most beautiful passionate Scorpio I think I'm falling in love.The partners talk with each other much, they often argue. It hurt like hell cuz i try to run from fighting him. because i take care of his grandma.when he need me..i always there... All I can do is think about her but the Libra is so jealous of my commitment to the Scorpio that I don't know what she'll do but it seems like she wants me back really bad and right now I'm already in Pursuit.The other place you’ll find this combination is in a trophy situation, i.e., “Finally, I got what I deserve.” There is more than a little competitiveness evident as each thinks they have finally advanced to the semi finals of love and partnership.How to Attract an Aries Man as a Libra Woman: Be prepared to make your most worthwhile moves. Make him open the doors, pull the car around for you, carry the umbrella and by all means, pick up the tab.One thing is clear - their competitive mind so captures them that they cannot live without each other. I feel so conflicted between hating him and loving him.

Aries man will seem to a Libra woman as solid and reliable, and she will no long hesitate to think when he offers her his hand and heart. When we not fighting or trying just get basic living down .. Making people jealous of us into they see the real us... 2 years later after I found out she was going behind my back.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as an Aries Man: Brush up on your favorite role as the romantic lead. Try to develop a sequential plan for the relationship – more than how to get her from into bed.

She’s a thinking creature, an intelligent life form, and will not be impressed by too much spontaneity (impulse) on your part.

Even though you could run a football team, act like a lady.

Try not to confuse passive with weakness or passive-aggression (I don’t it’s a tough area for you).

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