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Women from Colombia are intelligent, family-oriented, friendly and most of all, beautiful.

In my spare time, I go shopping, I chat with my friends, I visit my friends. I LOVE SPORTS IN GENERAL BUT PREFER SOCCER, BASEBALL, SWIMMING, SCUBA DIVING, TENNIS, AND POOL/BILLIARDS. Can any one give advice on how to get an apartment (for a one or two week stay)? I've also heard that if you can dance salsa that you'll have a step up, but if Cali is the city of Salsa, how does it give me any more of an advantage. It doesn't get the attention that other cities in Colombia get so I wanted to open this topic up for discussion.Where to get an apartment (I've heard that Granada is the best area to stay in)? My biggest question is: It it easier to get women in Cali or Medellin?Feminism and bitchy American and European women are making a man life difficult, they are making it difficult to find love and destroy a mans world.Forget finding a local date, women in America does not even want you to look at them, when you look at them they think it is creepy!

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  1. “A cursory glance at early 20 Century books on etiquette, courting and ‘properness’ all deliver an expectation that women should be subdued, modest and agreeable,” he said. Society now tells us that independence is a sign of integrity and strong character.